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We opened SD Window Tint in 2008 and have since flourished. We are located in El Cajon. Motivated by stellar reviews, new customers come from all areas of San Diego to get their vehicles tinted. Many of our customers have returned to get other vehicles tinted and have recommended us to others. Happy customers have been our most effective marketing tool.

We have also established several accounts with many dealerships in East County. We have tinted over 25,000 cars, trucks, suv’s, vans, motor homes, buses, residential homes and even large commercial buildings.

Automotive Window Tinting

Besides looking great, there are other reasons to have your vehicle’s windows tinted.

Residential Window Tinting

Home window tinting has many benefits. It cuts down on home cooling saving you money and making you more comfortable.

Commercial Window Tinting

Commercial window adds to the appearance of a building and makes a business look sharp and comforting.


I recently purchased a Camaro 2SS and found these guys using the Yelp App. They were opened on Saturday and willing to tint the windows of my new car even late in the afternoon leading into the early evening.

I had them darken the back three windows and apply a very light tint on the two front side windows, mostly for UV protection and some aesthetics. They did an amazing job on all the windows and they even applied a grind to the ends of the window tint of both front doors. The window tint cost $200 for all five windows. The price includes a life time warranty.

For $20, I had them blacken the traditional Chevy logo black to match the black out wheels and grills. They use high quality 3M adhesive and finish to cover the front and rear bow tie. The work was high quality and pardon my French, but it looks bad ass on the car.

The gents who work and run the tint shop know the trade very well and treat their customers with respect and friendliness. So if you are an East County resident, this is a great place to consider for window tinting.